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St. Aloysius Caulfield Campus

At St. Aloysius Caulfield Campus we believe the main contributors to the education of the students in our care are the family, the school and the community which they belong to. Partnerships between these vital elements in a child’s life will result in them building trust, resilience and a sense of belonging and responsibility.

At St. Aloysius Campus we work toward establishing as many links as possible between home, school and community.

Every aspect of school life aims to contribute to the wellbeing of each student.  We believe that the emotional and physical wellbeing of our students is pivotal to their success at primary school, as adolescents and in their future lives. Physically and emotionally healthy students are able to deal positively with life’s challenges, experience a sense of connectedness with the school and others and are well placed to develop into well balanced, happy and successful young adults.

These are some of the ways we focus on the wellbeing of students in our care:

  • Mindfulness

  • A dedicated Student Wellbeing Leader

  • Yr 6 Leadership Groups and responsibilities

  • Better Buddies Framework

  • Bounce Back, NED, You Can Do It’  (whole school programs aimed at social and emotional learning)

  • Circle Time

  • Bucket Fillers

  • Student Representative Council

  • Whole school assemblies

  • Whole school masses

  • Extra-Curricular Activities - Instrumental Lessons

  • Yr 3-6 Camp

  • Integration of Values Education into the curriculum

  • Positive Relationships with students, teachers and parents

  • Many opportunities for parent involvement in the school community.  Student-led initiatives

  • Student awards

  • Orientation to school (for new Preps)

  • Transition to secondary school (for Yr 6)

  • School garden program

Individual Needs

In each classroom the curriculum is differentiated to cater for students’ interests and abilities. Within classroom experiences, opportunities are presented to assist the development of learning according to individual student need.

The Student Services Leader works with classroom teachers to develop Individual Learning Plans for Students requiring support academically, socially or emotionally. Program Support Teams including teachers and parents meet regularly to develop, implement and monitor the Individual Learning Plan for students. Intervention programs further assist identified students across the school.

Consultants from the Catholic Education Office such as Speech Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Curriculum Advisors provide advice on the implementation and monitoring of students with an Individual Learning Plan.

St Anthony's Primary School

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'At St. Anthony's Primary School we are committed to the safety, inclusion and wellbeing of all children and young people.'

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